Jäger Himself Too

Jäger Himself Too

In this channel we make a well edited themed videos about the siege community.

Normal video take about 15 hours of editing to give you the best original experience.
A lot of time goes into brainstorming how to transfer the original clips into something unique.
This is not a content aggregation channel.

Video creation includes but not limited to:
1- Creating the theme of the video
This is a very important step since in this channel we focus on introducing new and original ideas to the siege community
2- Finding the clips that serve the theme and asking for permissions
3- Music selection
This is a very vital part in any video to elevate the level of clips into the idea in our mind
4- Addition of sound effects
5- Addition of Visual effects
6- Addition of Text and subtitles
7- Crediting the owners

Steps 3 to 6 takes more than 10 - 15 hours to elevate the level of the clips and transfer it to something unique and original to serve the theme of the video