BAD STUDENT VS GOOD STUDENT || Funny Situations! Types Of Students At School By La La Life Musical

12. 03. 2021
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Among types of people in school, there are 🤓Nerds and 😈Bad Students! A GOOD BOY likes classes📚 and homework, but he dreams of being popular.
👩‍🎤 A BAD GIRL is strong and confident, but afraid of failing a math test.
Weird couple, huh? 🙌Maybe they’ll become friends, maybe… Let’s check it out in the NEW EPISODE by La La Life Musical!
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00:00 Bad Girl Vs Good Boy
00:36 2 Types of Students
01:45 Gym
02:25 School life hack
02:48 Nerd vs Bad
03:10 Leaving school
03:53 Morning routine
04:36 I’m late!
05:08 Math test failed
06:27 Good & Bad friends
07:00 Mad Teacher
07:17 Friend in need
08:00 Test day
08:26 Good job
09:02 Makeover
09:22 Party Time!
10:00 Maybe…?
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    • Hey! Are you a good or a bad student?

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