Escaping Minecraft's Tallest Prison (titan's vault V2) ft. MiningBlob

27. 04. 2021
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Titan's Vault is, so far, the most inescapable prison in Minecraft (in my opinion)
Can I escape it? Let's find out.
HUGE thanks to MiningBlob for recording the lines in the beginning and making this prison:
Also thanks to FadezElias for helping build the prison:
And of course huge thanks to YOU! For making all my hard work worthwhile :)
0:00 - opening
1:02 - intro
2:48 - safety measures
5:05 - phase one: setup
6:08 - phase two: entry
8:19 - phase three: patience
9:44 - phase four: perseverance
11:32 - outro
Little Nightmares 2 OST
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Twitter: Mythrodak
Until next time, ladies, tootloo!

  • UPDATE: If they use like 60 elder guardians all with nametags to give you mining fatigue every second, just do the "afk" gag when you mine it. UPDATE 2: if mining fatigue is normal, then you actually don't have to drink milk... Because dying clears it anyways.... I'm dumb. 😔 UPDATE 3: I've been informed that the barrel with wooden hoes is for an item checking system where you must fill all of your slots with 37 hoes to bring to the guard. Here's my method of getting past this: You have the barrel in your inventory and leave one hoe outside the golden pressure plate room, when the guard clears you, you move forward a bit, throw out another hoe in front of you, and then move back a bit to pick up the hoe from the other side of the door, you then throw your barrel at the top of the vertical water tunnel (it will float in the corner so that the guards can't see) you then give the guard all 37 hoes and walk back a bit to pick up the barrel. That's how I would get past it anyways. I'm dumb(x2)

    MythrodakTVMythrodakTVPřed 11 dny
    • try doing the black hole

      Cecilia FaustinoCecilia FaustinoPřed dnem
    • @Randomlychaotic facts

      WearyMax 877WearyMax 877Před 2 dny
    • The cinematic aspect to this is astonishing, I would hire you if I had some sort of job in this cinematic industry

      ThebowinarrowThebowinarrowPřed 2 dny
    • escape Tartarus and Ares (different ones)

      VerPexVeVerPexVePřed 3 dny
    • I think you should join the DreamSMP , you have perfect editing skills and you are cool

      Omar. K.Omar. K.Před 3 dny
  • Man this guy takes like 5 mins to make whole backstory and its worth it bcs it gives us all that herioc feelin if u know what i mean

    Mr.unperish GamingMr.unperish GamingPřed 4 minutami
  • epilepsy warning? I got an ad when the timer ended lmao

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  • What mod makes it so real (;

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  • Mythrodak, how is it possible that you have such an amazing skin , I've seen good ones but damm yours is better

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  • *Achievement Unlocked: "No Prison Can Stop Me!"*

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  • Do glacier’s orb

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  • Everyone! A new prison has been found! Glaciers Orb, it’s another prison, it has been found in my recommendations, it is inescapable. And most importantly, Hahahahahah, IT DOESN’T HAVE VAULT IN IT!!!!

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  • the music fits perfectly with this video

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  • Can you escape pandoras volt?

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  • Is it seen sveen the one panda I guess

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  • watching his escxaping vids feels so dramatic like its a horror mmovie trailer....

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  • I love your escape videos so much, the style express them in is one of a kind, and the end part here with the rain and everything was just incredible. You’re the best.

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  • There’s a new prison called the glacier orb that you should try and escape

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  • Another way you could die is by not eating anything eventually you would die of starvation

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  • he attac he protect but most importantly no prison can hold him for long

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  • Don’t get me wrong, your escape techniques are amazing and ingenious. But my God, the cinematography of your videos are INCREDIBLE. Great work.

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  • GREAT! Now do glacier’s orb

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  • try escape glacier’s orb

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  • ur intro is from little nightmares 2 bro...

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  • Him: Incredibly complex plan Me: *Fakes the first set spawn so I escape after the kill check*

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  • Nice clock

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  • This man is the next Yoshie Shiratori.

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  • How To Make A Uniscapable prison by: a youtube comment (henry) step 1:" build it underground" step 2:"build what ever block the prison is" step 3:" make NO WAY to get to the top" step 4:" make a pearl transpotation for guards" step 5:" always make the prisoner on only 4 hunger bars so he cant run when he does attempt to run" step 6:" leave a alt account facing the prison" step 7:"NO VISITORS" step 8:"Have 10+ elder guardians" step 9:" have NO breakable lanterns/light blocks only have sea pickles it can be place only under water" step 10:"NO CHEST OR ENDER CHEST filled in the prison" final step:"sorround the prison with 2 layers of lava and water" safety step:" Add the bed inside the cell instead of in the redstone" -done edit: can someone tell me how to get outta dis one NO creative mode NO spectator mode NO cheats

  • Mythrodak: Epilepsy warning in 3.... 2... 1.... Ad: Play minecraft for free!

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  • Mythrodak needs too make his own prision

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  • The person that has made this has made a better and stronger one it's called tartarus

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  • EXTREME SUGGESTION = what is mumbo jumbo built a prison ...?? Me = **Starts shaking continuously**

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  • i escaped this prision using ur vid in my friends server i was snt to titans vault for murder and looting items from the people

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  • The Little Nightmares theme in the background just add so much to the beginning.

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