I know It's Make Up Meme But Different (ft. Past Aftons & Past Emilys)

18. 02. 2021
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Again, Inspired by Shiiro to Kuuro Gacha 😌✌️
This video happens before the jail incident, as usual!
Anyways thank yo uso much for 200k subs, and I hope you'll look forward for my future videos 💞✨

  • *Casually signing up the adoption papers to adopt Mikey and Sammy. Sorry Mr. Afton & Mr. Emily, Imma steal ur kids 😌✌️*

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    • Can I copy so then I can spread this video?-

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    • I just commented because I want to be 500 ;)

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    • Casually steals them

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    • E-

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  • BRUH

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  • You copied shirro that is not your video

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  • And that is how William died. The end.

    Jayden TangJayden TangPřed 2 hodinami
    • Not rlly tho

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  • Me: *SAWS SAMMY CRIES* also me: OMG SAMMY MY DAMN, BLEH HIS CRYING Me again: *crying too*

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  • William: Hey kid, William: Can you say, "F*** you" to your Daddy? Sammy: What does it mean?... William: Trust me just do it. U>U Sammy: Ok.. Sammy: Daddy Henry: Yes Sammy? Sammy: F*** you :) Me: * WHEEZE *

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  • Wellp lizzy is sooo bada$$

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  • William this is not the time for that but l love you(like a friend)😂

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  • Y'all cared for Mikey but william got a lot from this universs

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  • Teaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  • That how sammy learn his first bad word 737

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  • Omg so good edit i wish i can edit TWT

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  • Sammy:F*ck you Me:HAHAHAHAHA

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  • I love the Outro because mike is my fav in the afton family

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  • the ending though- XD

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  • Love your vifs

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    • *vids*

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  • Wow please mike

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  • Now look what you tell him William next thing you know when you jump off a roof jump off with you😡😠

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  • William kinda SuS 😌

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  • I have been listening to the FNaF Books. I'm on book 2. I noticed you used the character Sammy. I know from the books Sammy is Charlie's brother, so I was wondering if you've read the books.

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  • Michaels overused

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  • William: Sammy, plese say f**k you to your father ;) Sammy 5 sec later: Dada Henry: Yes ,Sammy? Sammy: Fwak Yu! B) Me: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Henry: WILLIAM AFTON YOU SON OF A-

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  • Start at 3:01 - 4:00 what music I've been looking to this song for so long Is anyone know? Tell me pls or send link

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  • Michael is like : Okay?! Anyways this is nice 💅👁👄👁☕

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  • The eyes be like: 👁👁 3

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  • Sammy is so innocent 😂😂😂😂

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  • The acting- CHEFS KISS :)

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  • Maybe cant u make how to be a pet in adopt me

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  • ...

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  • and again William is talking about his death

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  • this made me better from the last video that was called can you dance like this?

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  • Sammy’s too cute omg i cant-

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  • Miss steal yo kid

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  • 😃😄😃Those are the best makeup wipes ever no scrubbing just one clean ✨swipe✨

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  • when sammy said f*ck you that was just the cutest thing ever-

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  • This has to be a butthead to do that

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  • I never knew you could snatch off make-up #gachalogic

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  • 5:50 dang they can run

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  • Can i slap william cuz i bad and also slap mike cuz is STUPED

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  • Mike's face looks wierd without scars😅

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  • sammy is soooer kyoot!'

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  • xD

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  • Bad word f-u-c-k

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  • I can't stop laughing went william tell sammy to say "f**k you" to henry🤣🤣🤣

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  • My first word was WEZE because I said my sisters name rong well yelling at her when she stole my toy her name is Rreze

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  • Aww Sammy so cute

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  • No 3:02

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  • U can say liz messed the poor acting😎

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  • At first I thought I was going to cry but then I just laughed because they’re like cats and dogs

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  • 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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  • Mike: drops ennard Sammy: ahhhhhh that burnt spageti Willliam: smiles

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  • 7:37 lol

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  • In my other acc i watch every single video you post but the other acc now is error so i have to switch acc so i have to restart again T^T

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  • I am a fan omg your so good at editing tysm love youuu

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  • Sammy :f*ck you Me hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhwahahhaahhaahhzhahahahahahaha IM DIEING HAHAHAHA My brother what is happening here Me Showing him the video My brother HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA No hate tho I just thought it was really funny

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  • 7:13 Henry: uno reverse card

    Z E T AZ E T APřed 2 dny

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  • Why is lizzy so sassy

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  • hm... treating? *I sMeLL mY fOOd LiEs*

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  • plz mack a vid when Willam kills hery plzz

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  • Michael: IT'S MY FAULT HENRY I DISOBEYED MY FATHER me: i know i'm being rude but that's just dumb you could have said something like "a bully from my school did this" or "i'm pretty clumsy so i keep falling down the stairs so many times at school" something like that except for "I disobeyed my father so he punish me" like literally that's the dumbest thing you could ever say -_-

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  • Poor innocent Sammy 😂

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  • 5:54 that run remind you of something

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  • 😭😭😭😱😱🥺😱😱😱😢😢😭😝😝🤣😝🤣😝bab lol we you

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  • A ad showed up and it said stop it get some help 0-0 THATS MEAN WHY WAS THAT A AD

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  • Mike he is not ok he is in pain and hes mad as hell so there is your answer.

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  • ELIZABETH!! She was my favorite character! :(

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  • Sammys face is so cute

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  • I died when Sammy said "f*uck you" to his dad 😂😂😂

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    • He did

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  • by the time it got to the police part i was in tears

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  • Is it me or is it the first time I saw Charil in a dress

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  • No prob you deserve 200 K

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  • No the innocent child don,t say it sammy

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  • I so have blamed it on school bullys to protect my dad if I loved my father that much :3

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  • Isabella* fine but sorry but I can’t promise anything

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  • Wiliam didnt deserve to be in jail well he kinda but u all dont know about wiliams past he got controled and abused

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  • SAMMY TO CUTEEEE 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  • Instead of “make up”I read it “I kNoW iTs WaKe Up” LOLL

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  • William

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  • Ok i mean...WHY is William Afton Hurting HIS own son! I mean he didn’t killed Chris Didn’t he? All I know that the family is dead 💀 please someone explain it.

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  • Bootifull make more idk why mike be abused but I love non bully mike it warms meh heart to see mike like this

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  • The last part when Sammy told F**k you to his dad was so funny

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  • I like how frendpy mike is in ur au

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  • I'm gonna beat william up see how he likes it,and make it slow and painful,don't worry william afton it won't hurt a bit🥰

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  • Eli is mean

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  • Elizabeth just ruined William's whole career 😒

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  • Sammy is so cuteeee 😢

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  • I love how Elizabeth just *snatched* that makeup off and she was like *BOI YOU HAVE BAD LIEING SKILLS AND POOR ACTIN SKILLS, I AINT HERE FOR IT*

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  • I laugh so hard when William told Sammy to say F*ck you to Henry

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  • William Mike Chris clara √ Liz😡😡

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  • Sammy u shouldn't see this Sammy Sammy look at me plz don't look Okay Sammy SAMMY no god no SAMMY OMG SAMMY WTH WHAT AEE U DOING

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  • Omg Sammy is soo cute can I adopt all of the lil munchkins and I’ll make sure to kill William and Henry so I don’t die 😌😊☺️

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  • *strange gorilla noises*

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  • Charlie:just stands there forever

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  • Es tan mal las caras es como retorsida

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