MARINA - Purge The Poison (Official Video)

14. 04. 2021
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"PURGE THE POISON" Available Now.
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Directed by: Weird Life Films @weirdlifefilms
Concept by: MARINA & Weird Life Films
Executive Producers: Laura Gordon, Ryan Ohm, & Jackson James
Video Commissioner: Trevor Joseph Newton
Produced by: Erin Boyle & Anthony Pedone
Director of Photography: Jackson James
Gaffer: Paul Deorio
Key Grip: Michael Suraci
Art Direction: Justin Ryan Brown
Make Up Artist: Anthony Nguyen
Hair Stylist: Rena Calhoun
Wardrobe Stylist: Mercedes Natalia
Custom Wardrobe Designed by: Oscar Lima
Edit & Color: Ryan Ohm
VFX: Ryan Ohm & Rick Gorge
PA: Matt Garland
COVID Compliance Officer: Anthony Pedone
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All my friends are witches
And we live in Hollywood
Mystical bitches
Making our own sisterhood
Whilst society is falling
We are quietly reforming
Protecting the planet
Healing our own damage
Quarantined, all alone
Mother nature on the phone
What have you been doing?
Don’t forget, I am your home
Virus come, fires burn
Until human beings learn
From every disaster
You are not my master
Need to purge the poison
Show us our humanity
All the bad and good
Racism and misogyny
Nothing’s hidden anymore
Capitalism made us poor
God forgive America
For every single war
Need to purge the poison
From my system until
Human beings listen
Tell me, who’d you think are?
It’s your own decision
But your home is now your prison
You forgot that without me
You won’t go far
2007, when size zero was the rage
Britney shaved her head and all we did was call her crazed
Harvey Weinstein’s gone to jail, #metoo helped us to unveil
Truth and all its glory
The ending of a story
It’s a New World Order
Everything just falls away
Our life as we knew it
Now belongs to yesterday
Inside all the love and the hate
We can all regenerate
Stop how we been living
Every single day
Need to purge the poison
From my system until
Human beings listen
Tell me, who’d you think are?
It’s your own decision
But your home is now your prison
You forgot that without me
You won’t go far
I just want a world where I can see the feminine
We only make up one quarter of the government
Like an angel gone to hell
Cast the moon under our spell
Owning our power
Taking back what’s ours
Earth is like a white rose
Quiet cloud of petals cold
A place so corrupt where Angel’s flesh and blood is sold
The feminine is born as new
Studded with a diamond dew
Saw the dawn was coming
Everybody knew
Need to purge the poison
From my system until Human beings listen
Tell me, who’d you think are?
It’s your own decision
But your home is now your prison
You forgot that without me
You won’t go far
Need to purge the poison
From my system until Human beings listen
Tell me, who’d you think are?
It’s your own decision
But your home is now your prison
You forgot that without me
You won’t go far

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    • this song is suppose to blatantly talk abt all the world issues going on, u act like u don’t know over half of marinas songs talk abt depressing issues, they’re just not as clear and upfront

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