Minecraft, But We Are In A Shopping Cart

3. 05. 2021
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Can we beat Minecraft in a shopping cart? oh my gosh oh my gosh ah ahh ahh
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Today we beat Minecraft but in a shopping cart with Dream and Georgenotfound, I put on my best divorced dad outfit as well. Dream said that he would push us in this Minecraft shopping cart with Georgenotfound in Minecraft in the shopping cart but the problem with Dream and his Minecraft videos is that this is no Minecraft Manhunt videos that Dream and Georgenotfound do on Dream's Minecraft Manhunt Channel this is the shopping cart Minecraft challenge, it's like a challenge of Minecraft Manhunt But instead its Minecraft Shopping cart Challenge with Dream and Georgenotfound, they are both awful at playing Minecraft in a shopping cart, in fact I could probably be the 6th hunter in the Minecraft Manhunt series and Dream would never win. In fact I could be the only hunter and win Minecraft Manhunt and Dream would cry.
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  • video without dream or minecraft when

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  • Hi Quackity my friends are getting rlly mad bc you haven't posted in a while and there worried XD IDK WHY THO YOU GOOD RIGHT

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  • earrape warning idiots

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  • congratulations

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  • *dream, you need to hurry up and find a lava pool, i said it, you're really not cool, oH! yeah, im on the beat, and its not nice, oOh! what are you? nothing.but.rice, yEah! Quackity's on the beat! yeah, YeAAAh~!1! he's making his bed with his sheets!(i hate dreaam~) Dream can't find this lava pool, for uh- for his life (yAh!) he doesn't even haAaVeE~ (yAh) a wiiifee~ (yAh) i hate Dream!! beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep! brRrRrA~ tA ta tA TA pOp POp Pop BAP POp POP pOp bAp YEAh! RRRA tA tA TaA ta! lava pool, find a lava pool..*

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  • 11:31 SH shshS SHSHS shs sh sghs shs like bruh

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  • go paintballing

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  • the disstrack ohmygod i couldnt stop laughing

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  • *hope everyone has a good day*

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  • Ayo where's your another discord video content, huh?

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  • i like this kind of parenting respect 100%

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  • i love quackity roleplaying as a kid

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  • the cave part is so fucking funny

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  • "THERE'S A WITCHH!!!!!" *"I see mommy came back"*

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  • Candice died 😔

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  • What

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  • No one: Not even a single soul : George : **Angry Sheep Noises**

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  • This is the most chaotic video I have ever seen

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  • qwakitty whats the program u use to voice changer?? i want to sing like youuu

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  • 16:30

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  • В начале музыка ивангая

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  • When dream was screaming about a witch I was hoping he would make a joke about it being their mother 😏

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  • 15:29 lol not quackity watching coco melon

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  • Ok but when funny?

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  • Please let us repent of all our sins to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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  • btw quackity used to be an editor for leafy just so u stans know

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  • 14:45 died cheated to get food and armor 😂😂😂

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  • I like when George just scream like nothing happened

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  • Dream could drown them

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  • This is so fun

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  • dream:*dies* Quackity: USE A CREATIVE MODE!

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  • Are you allergic to anything bby😏 geez well I'm allergic to being me (SORRY I'M ON MY DAD'S PHONE😂)

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  • 11:42 well I hope technoblade isn't here 👀

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  • That shi from Fortnite

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  • 13:45

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  • My mouth hurts from laughing so much 😂

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  • On the "we didn't cheat at all" I don't blame them if they did, this video is very stressful

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  • Alt title: Two bottoms are being carried of by a top in Minecraft

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  • Lol

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  • Quackity: "can I have a car's bed?" George : "you can have a princess bed that's all you get."

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  • Cart pvp X'D

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  • 01:39 yes i kill him

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  • 10:09 😂😂

  • Dream should use a shopping cart in the next manhunt

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  • Uh hi o/ I was recently on the discord server and decided to rick roll the server. I typed out what I had to say and sent it, two seconds later got banned, I didn't realise rick rolling was so violent is there any way I can get back into the server? Thanks.

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  • You can literally feel Dream's desperation here. Can't be heard anywhere else. 7:52 - Dream: WHY CANT I DISMOUNT?!

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  • the chaoticness made this video my favourite on the internet

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  • next dream speedrun : shopping cart clutch

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  • So I just finished watching a video of you making george CRY, making him feel like he isn't important and breaking him and you just said your F R I E N D George.

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  • All SCREAMING!!!!! OMG!

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  • dream is very pissed

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  • Can i have a shopping cart?🥺

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  • 8:35 I LOVE IT XDDD AND ezPecIally ThE paRt on QUaCkiTy (My ears)

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  • Dream: HOW DO I DISMOUUUUUUUNT!!! George: Dismout- Dream: I CAAAAAAAN'T

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  • When u go to the store w ur mom

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  • I've never thought parenting takes ear breaking mic shouting and swearing

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  • ⭐️ *you’re in a shopping cart because you’re a SNACK* 😩🥵🤤🥴

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  • 13:08 Gues they don’t need a dad to survive

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  • Holy sh*t dream so fuck*ng loud

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  • They won without cheats. Im so proud

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  • E

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  • “This is more intense than A SILVERFISSHHHH”

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  • 10:10 straight to the point I guess

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  • Dream like a dad that take care two kid

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  • How did it feel when technoblade killed you with a damn netherite pickaxe and you had a axe?! Bro don’t mess with the blood god. I thought you were the best hell better than dream but I was soooooooooo wrong!

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  • This derailed faster then my mental state

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  • George the one that always need food quackity the one that wants it just to have it

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  • 17:01 why boys die earlier than girls

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  • Alternate title: Dream, George and Quackity scream at the top of their lungs

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  • alternate title: 3 grown men slowly give each other anxiety and depression

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  • Make a new channel named quackithree

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  • this editing is so f**king chaotic i'm impressed

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  • I hate you quacktiy cuz you bully gorege if you bully him again I will hate you very much🖕🖕🖕🙅

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  • 2:38 for my fellow Field of Hopes and Dreams (the dnf fanfic) fans

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  • "WhAt ArE yOu, nOtHiNg bUt...- rIcE" Me: *Laughing to hell* AAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

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  • You need to thanx of tommy idea (:

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  • The piglin prayer is probably what dream did when he cheated in a speedrun.

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  • Chapter one was just Minecraft Carthunt😂

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