Parkour - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 22

3. 04. 2021
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Nothing bad ever happens in a friendly parkour competition, right?
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  • Don't watch this reaction/director's commentary it's no good:

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    • Error

      jawedjawedPřed 2 dny
    • Well why didn’t you say in the first half?

      ToHToHPřed 4 dny
    • Eh here is a thing I thought some one was going to have creative mode no no no the king has a command block

      Arlene BacusArlene BacusPřed 7 dny
    • I'm waiting next episode 13

      Aejay NadelaAejay NadelaPřed 9 dny
    • Sr Alan Becker você é dimais

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  • Stickman Vs Attack On Titan

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  • Final exam of fighting stockman minecraft animation

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  • ovvvvv sad me

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  • Please, make a sequel as soon as possible!!!!!

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  • Love your vids bro! THERE SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

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  • 2

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  • IS A MOVIE 🤩 8:01

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  • Same

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  • Congrats to the 15million subs

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  • :( green

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  • My direct in in gami vs animation

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  • y LA comtinuasion

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  • I want the ep 23

  • I like ships

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  • Omg

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  • Everybody alan becker has received 15millon subs i have 16 millon in my eyes lets get it rhere

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  • I love this.

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  • Dodd

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  • I WANT WATCH EP 23!!!

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  • animation vs minecraft the movie!

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  • Akdyfh

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  • Best sticman animation ever... I'm waiting episode 23

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  • Congratulations to Alan Baker with 15 million subscribers

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  • Please do the 23 epizode

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  • 축하합니다 당신은 한국인을 찾았습니다!

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  • When i was young i found your channel. I got so inspired so i got into animation when i turned 14. Still here until now.

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  • PIG OP

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    • He also did the parkour lol

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  • I didn't know there was another stickman orange

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  • Minecraft cinematic universe

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  • Animation vs brawl stars

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  • OHA LA

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  • 2:42 Some sounds from half life 2

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  • when new animation?

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  • 👍

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  • Plz next animation plz

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  • To be continued :c

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  • looked easy but it's hard lol

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  • I like parkour

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  • I love you animation

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  • make them discover command blocks for the first time

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  • what is your animation program?

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  • WeeEElp time to make a stick figure mod for Alan becker adding that staff and everything in the shorts like grappling fishing rods

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  • Bài hát yêu anh từ lâu

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  • Welp time to make a map for this

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  • Bed wars animaion pls

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  • Episode 23

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  • very sad

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  • HAhahahahahahahahahhahahahaha

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  • plzz ep 23 to 30

  • Purple why? Nooooooo

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  • new videooooooooo

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  • Здраствуйте, Алан Беккер, я хотел бы спросить, на какой програме вы анимируете?

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  • Jesus christ this was so good

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  • Herobrine?

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  • You make my whole day .... Thanks a lot... ✌✌✌

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  • With them a film for 2 hours let it at least take a year but there is nothing to watch WE ALL WRITE SHOOT A MOVIE

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  • Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Reuben having Parkour, but, If you have ever seen.

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  • Я один русский?

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  • Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment .. 🎉🎉........,

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  • he grated the lattices, but no blocks

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  • Wow

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  • never gonna give you up - CSworld

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  • E. knp ya yang nonton 14 Juta yg luke 500 K ?

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    • Just joking

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  • Suggestion for another video. Make it so they travel to a different computer and go into bedrock edition

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  • The Purple Man is like a Star Wars Man in the Nether .

    Marc AlbrechtMarc AlbrechtPřed 7 hodinami
  • Your animation timing is unbelievable. I'm learning a lot.

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  • This was an incredible episode, besides the soundtrack was very good, the sad thing is to wait until the next episode. I'm a big fan of your animations Alan watch from Animation vs Animator. PS: I'm a Brazilian.

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  • And in the section it will black

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  • I’m starting to realize what’s happening :|

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  • 12:44That's not what i expected It is magnificent as always uwu

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  • It's like American Ninja Warrior Stickman Edition

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  • Please make part 23

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  • Хх эх 0 зэ

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  • add a girl

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  • ok i got an idea for the next episode continue the parkour thing the others get green and "Ruben the pig" but there's a twist... the gold stick man gets the creative block "Minecraft" and red defeats him you want to know how? red has a flash back of when he gets defeated "Ep 0" AKA "animation vs Minecraft" (i know this is a lot to read but its an idea) but instead for a big stick figure its an army of piglin brutes and since the command block is thrown off yellow (who know how to use it and uses it) runs into gold 'the stick figure' and gold try's to attacking yellow but yellow runs away successfully and uses the command block to block of gold and its a few seconds before the command is complete and saves the rest... To Be Continued

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  • Ex-Arm left the universe

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  • How do You made a stickman?

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  • They still have diamond armour please make them upgrade it to netherite

  • Make the part 3 please

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  • Big fan bro

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  • Hebat

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  • Ep 23

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  • There are 3 ways I think this can end: 1: Second Coming uses his powers from ava V to fight orange. 2: The Chosen One shows up to fight orange. Or 3: Both.

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