SCP-150 Body Stealing Parasite - Ship of Theseus (SCP Animation)

19. 02. 2021
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Dr Bob brings you SCP Foundation Keter Class object, SCP-150 Body Stealing Parasite - Ship of Theseus Animation.
SCP-150 is an obligate parasite that resembles the tongue-eating louse, but is adapted to form conjunctive symbiotic relationships with humans for a period of its lifespan. Upon contact with a human subject, SCP 150 embeds itself deeply in the flesh of its host. Over the course of approximately seven days, SCP150 will burrow into the host and affect numerous physiological alterations.
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This video, being derived from written by Decibelles, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0.
Narrated by Joe Cliff Thompson
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  • R.I.P. the file last scene, see this :- 09:31

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  • Its a movie named parasite-scp

  • Its fake

  • Who else likes the ending when mr Bob meets the scp or sth like that?

  • That just looks disgusting I also destiny and it looks creepy

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  • This video is cool they even dont have intro!

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  • İs this real im 9 years old pls pet talk me thats not real

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  • İs this real im 9 age pls talk me thats not real

    Pew hola fannn OnalPew hola fannn OnalPřed 7 hodinami
  • That moment when you realise that dr Bob has access to a flamethrower:

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    • When I first started to watch this video I thought it was just fake stuff that they made up and then I realized it was real and almost screamed

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  • Hello sorry 😐

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  • Me:cough and has scp-150. Me:watches YT Me:sees scp vid. Me:GOD DAM I HAVE SCP-150

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  • Wouldn’t an early amputation stop the bug right there

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  • I'm scared

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  • hello doctor bob,some Chinese stole your video in qq application,i would like to know whether you authorize him to upload your videos?

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  • Around 9:26 Any instance of SCP 150 found outside of containment is to be constantly incinerated. 5 seconds later Me: "HOLLY S*** HE BURNED THE ENTIRE BINDER OF INFO WITH A FLAMETHROWER. WHY A FLAMETHROWER!? This comment is over, this is a waste of space, my voice is annoying, and I suck at any SCP game.

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  • How doesnt he notice his arm is a bug

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  • he really dont care about the bug arm

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  • Scp is wadu

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  • When I first started to watch this video I thought it was just fake stuff that they made up and then I realized it was real and almost screamed

    Hunter duboseHunter dubosePřed 17 hodinami
  • Really creepy!

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  • O my God this is creepy!

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  • Morning babe babe I

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  • Dr bob: shoots table with flame thrower Me: that table better be fire proof

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  • The thumbnail looks like a thumbnail from my story animated

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  • 2020: "You know what they say: 'First coughing, than coffin'"

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  • Sorry, not to be mean but, it's pronounced Keeter not keter I know it's wierd but that is just how you say it and at first I thought you siad cheder which would be vary weird.

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