Smart And Cool 3D-Pen DIYs For Any Occasion || Repair Tips, Mini Crafts And DIY Jewelry

5. 04. 2021
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00:00 Coffee mug cap
00:46 Toothbrush holder
01:50 Golden plant pot
03:14 Geometrical necklace
03:48 DIY 3D-pen hairbrush
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  • 10:20 yeah like everyone else can draw a perfect circle on the first try

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  • When you want to try a craft because you loved it: "I'll spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more oh if that's what it takes to make the fav craft of yours"

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    • Wow crafts are great

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    • craft of yours"

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  • I have a pen 3d too! Is this PLA or ABS or?

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  • You can buy it in any marts or malls

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  • 16:48 If we have money to buy a 3-D pen, then we also have enough money to buy a new hairbrush😂😂

    Himanshu GargHimanshu GargPřed 6 hodinami
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  • What if we don't have a 3d pen omg thats showing off You know some people don't have what you have I m going to press 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 SHOW OFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!

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  • That’s weird how she was mad about the toothbrushes touching to each other but she still used hers

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  • How do you guys get ur hot glue to be so smooth

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  • where can we buy 3d pen in the shop

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    • You can order it online.

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    • You can buy it from Amazon also

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    • You can order it online

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  • Thank you guys for 19 subs pls 25 karvado love u guys 😘

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