SUPER CREWMATE Captain Role in Among Us

22. 02. 2021
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We add a new CAPTAIN Super CREWMATE Role in Among Us
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  • zmde did this also but hi is in polus

    marc john belenmarc john belenPřed 38 vteřinami
  • O my god!!!! Cool

    Team AngelTeam AngelPřed minutou
  • Yessssiiirrr

    Cloaked_opsCloaked_opsPřed 42 minutami
  • Hi

    Jose GarciaJose GarciaPřed 45 minutami
  • I got to swety so I diskliced the video

    Paul SkeetePaul SkeetePřed 47 minutami
  • This is the best youtube videos of all time

    Max FloresMax FloresPřed hodinou
  • its henry

    Joyman Padrón SalasJoyman Padrón SalasPřed hodinou
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  • SSundee hear me out, Mod Idea (get a friend to make it or something): The COVID-19 mod. The imposter is the virus and can: mind control crew mates (basically spreading the virus), put everyone in lockdown (which is basically making everyone freeze where they are and not letting them move for a few seconds) and ‘the wave’ (which is where their kill cool down can go unlimited for a few seconds which is like the cases going up then down) The crew mates also can have a button which is the ‘mask’ button, which lets them be immune to anything the imposter does for a few seconds SSundee please if you see this try and make it happen I’d love to see it and I love all your videos 🤩🥺 PLEASE MAKE THIS COMMENT GO VIRAL SO WE CAN SEE THIS MOD I THINK IT WOULD BE SO COOL

    Gabby PotterGabby PotterPřed 2 hodinami
  • Lol on the first round you should have ban hammered henwy and dont tell anybody your the captain xD

    Jordan BirchJordan BirchPřed 2 hodinami
  • and a lovers mod

    Chris HastingsChris HastingsPřed 2 hodinami
  • pless

    Chris HastingsChris HastingsPřed 2 hodinami
  • can you do a volkano mod

    Chris HastingsChris HastingsPřed 2 hodinami
  • i love sundee

    Chris HastingsChris HastingsPřed 2 hodinami
  • can you do fortnit among us but whith mode iff you can

    Khaled Omar CharroufKhaled Omar CharroufPřed 3 hodinami
  • SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    M.A.D. FitnessM.A.D. FitnessPřed 3 hodinami
  • i have an idea president

    Jack CourtrightJack CourtrightPřed 4 hodinami
  • ????

    Huzaifah AnwarHuzaifah AnwarPřed 4 hodinami
  • Do you

    Huzaifah AnwarHuzaifah AnwarPřed 4 hodinami
  • I like ban Hamur

    Huzaifah AnwarHuzaifah AnwarPřed 4 hodinami
  • you are my favrot youtube

    Miles NejatMiles NejatPřed 5 hodinami
  • your always captin for me!

    Martynka FlakMartynka FlakPřed 5 hodinami
  • mod idea Yeeter

    Dino GudDino GudPřed 5 hodinami
  • FOOT

    Benjamen ButtonBenjamen ButtonPřed 6 hodinami

    Benjamen ButtonBenjamen ButtonPřed 6 hodinami
  • my luke button turns black...

    CøøkieEditsCøøkieEditsPřed 6 hodinami
  • When the imposter is sus

    Camiel Is coolCamiel Is coolPřed 7 hodinami
  • G

    Benicio ZabaletaBenicio ZabaletaPřed 7 hodinami
  • its kind of hacks for among us

    Sebi TurchinskySebi TurchinskyPřed 8 hodinami
  • you can download amount us from happy mod and you can troll the boys

    Sebi TurchinskySebi TurchinskyPřed 8 hodinami
  • Captain vs Thanos

    Pichupower gamingPichupower gamingPřed 8 hodinami
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    asss sassasss sassPřed 9 hodinami
  • I love his energy

    CanonCanonPřed 9 hodinami
  • I miss SSundee’s fortnite vids

    louise badseylouise badseyPřed 11 hodinami
  • liar

    Harry BurridgeHarry BurridgePřed 13 hodinami
  • Are you and lox friends?

    Archielocomodo PlayzArchielocomodo PlayzPřed 15 hodinami
  • He starts singing The my little pony theme song at 6:40

    Zachary ThomasZachary ThomasPřed 17 hodinami
  • 14:46 Task bar look kinda sus... XDD

    Just a normal personJust a normal personPřed 18 hodinami
  • Do transformer mod like the movie transformer and you'll get a random transformer

    Judy AlexanderJudy AlexanderPřed 19 hodinami
  • Ssundee suck

    Roland Remolana Jr.Roland Remolana Jr.Před 20 hodinami
  • Sunnde sundee sundee I dont want to be mean but u have like over 20 vids of this u may enjoy it but theres alot more to play other than among us mods I'm not going to let my opinion change anything

    gitboy79gitboy79Před 20 hodinami
  • This guy is actually so big brain that he won as the captain and imposter

    Lucas BlissLucas BlissPřed 22 hodinami

    Dawson BeveridgeDawson BeveridgePřed 22 hodinami
  • ✨✨✨✨✨Is it only me that is waiting on the new Among Us update so Ssunde can play ✨✨✨✨✨

  • hi

    Bell BoyetteBell BoyettePřed 22 hodinami
  • The code is LOAFXY like LOAFX :)

    Pokémon Search RAREPokémon Search RAREPřed 22 hodinami
  • 0 grey likes: :)

    Heather WendlandtHeather WendlandtPřed 23 hodinami
  • Ssundee can you do godzilla mode or king kong mode will be very nice if you do the mode i say

    Periasamy SinnasamyPeriasamy SinnasamyPřed 23 hodinami
  • There’s no Bluuuue like button:(

    Swift ShadowSwift ShadowPřed 23 hodinami
  • i played whith u yesterday

    chris mousseauchris mousseauPřed 23 hodinami
  • Could you do more zombs royale videos?

    TBMTBMPřed 23 hodinami
  • Sundee cursed

    Constance PowellConstance PowellPřed dnem
  • All I see is among us among us among us AMONG US I CANT TAKE IT I PRAISE TO MY INNERSLOTH GODS I SURRENDER

    TheDuke FishronTheDuke FishronPřed dnem
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  • You are amazing

    Orion OggOrion OggPřed dnem
  • Foot

    Yero X2Yero X2Před dnem
  • Wow that's amazing I play among us like them

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  • I wish I could smash the hammer on that like button so everyone would like! :D ;D

  • 4 million views but only 200k likes

    Luke MillikenLuke MillikenPřed dnem
  • The superchad

    Jimmy CruzJimmy CruzPřed dnem
  • Ian to henwy : I caught you in 8k 60 fps this is the most hd shit I've ever seen

    Ahmed ZiadAhmed ZiadPřed dnem
  • You should do the mouse role for the crewmates

    Manc ExposureManc ExposurePřed dnem
  • Among us mod: when ever you walk you multiply

    Mohammed KingMohammed KingPřed dnem
  • i want to now how you do this

    MeganJL BrooksMeganJL BrooksPřed dnem
  • "look at me I am the captain now"

    Nightmare_FuelNightmare_FuelPřed dnem
  • Ssundee: let me paint u a picture the imposters are hyperventilating because they know they got caught venting or killing XD

    Coral DugganCoral DugganPřed dnem
  • SSundee: *clap, clap, clap* Henwy: dies with each clap 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Kayla TaylorKayla TaylorPřed dnem
  • My like button turns black

    Kingcastler 98Kingcastler 98Před dnem
  • Do 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚔 ℎ𝑒’𝑠 ɢᴏɴɴᴀ ᗯIᑎ?

    Aqua ParodiesAqua ParodiesPřed dnem
  • Любой русский

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  • Прости, я русский

    andrew mawbeyandrew mawbeyPřed dnem
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    Aqua ParodiesAqua ParodiesPřed dnem
  • SSundee, ты мой любимый ютубер

    andrew mawbeyandrew mawbeyPřed dnem
  • isnt it a coinsedence that the game code is LOAFXY

    Alex CAlex CPřed dnem
  • You should do a mod with fortnite

    Cheryl AmedeoCheryl AmedeoPřed dnem
  • when your the capi tan and you kill someone in 4k

    SentiGod [Use Code SentiGod]SentiGod [Use Code SentiGod]Před dnem
  • your like the best among us player even IMPOSTER your the best at that

    Kian_Gaming123!Kian_Gaming123!Před dnem
  • my dad is a super sex offender

    sheebsheebPřed dnem
  • 10:15 THE BOIS GOT IT

    seikoseikoPřed dnem
  • The boy needed content so he kept the second round long

    Zahoor AhmedZahoor AhmedPřed dnem
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  • I wish he said to henwy: "You deserve no mercy for you were caught red-handed" in a dramatic way

    Umair RazienUmair RazienPřed dnem
  • I have seen all your videos

    Arjun SidhuArjun SidhuPřed dnem
  • Maybe you could do a Fight maybe an Anglo Saxon vs The Vikings so the Vikings go on 1 side while the Anglo Saxons go to the other and everyone is an imposter and which team has the most knights by 5 mins wins

    Arjun SidhuArjun SidhuPřed dnem
  • This is 10000000000000000000000000 iq

    MaxFilmsMaxFilmsPřed dnem
  • why dont u play fortnite any more :(

    harley collinsharley collinsPřed dnem
  • Can we just respect how this guy eliminated boredom

    Mohammed ElpielyMohammed ElpielyPřed dnem
  • so he got about 30,000 likes a day

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    Kaspar VKaspar VPřed dnem
  • I love how Ian just goes on a villain monologue when he knows who it is

    bilishu alissbilishu alissPřed dnem
  • 6:40

    LoganBoganLoganBoganPřed dnem
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  • Hey Ssundee i from Indonesia And i am love elestial HD well i like your video

    si putra Indonesiasi putra IndonesiaPřed dnem
  • Ssundee

    robwolves1robwolves1Před dnem
  • Ssundeey

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