These Fantastic Gadgets and Appliances Will Make Your Life Easier

7. 02. 2021
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00:01 Bathroom gadgets that will make your life easier
01:28 Upgrade your bedroom with these awesome tools and smart gadgets. Check it out!
02:20 Smartphone appliances that work magic!
04:15 Amazing gadgets and tools for every home
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  • 1:24 how many of u had some bad thoughts?😈

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  • In what world is does playing piano on the toilet make my life easier???????

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  • Five minute crags is so FAKE!!!!! #so/fake

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  • Now think about if that ""food"" your heating gets too heated and melts in your car? Huh. Oh wait five minute crafts '''alwaysss"'' has a back up plan 😂🤝

    Babi. Nae!Babi. Nae!Před 6 dny
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  • Hope everyone’s having a good day 🐾

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  • They show is cool gadgets but not where to buy them from ❓❓❓❓

    RiaRiaPřed 7 dny
  • If she already had a water proof book y ruin a perfectly good one ??? 🧐🤔🤣🤭🤯 0:59

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  • Very useful craft and often good

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  • 8:57 who is that messy nobody pours stuff like that

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  • Because your actually gonna soak your feet in boiling water

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  • Very very useful gadgets but can you tell the name also for every gadgets

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  • Dirty hack

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    • I m indian ok. This is dirty hacks. I have very good hacks ok.

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  • Dirty hack

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  • Wow these gagets are so cool and awesome !!!

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  • Wow! I love the phone case and the hairdryer holder too!

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  • Wow i wish i had everything i see in this video

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  • Can you give me this gadgets 😊😊

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  • Amazing and ingenious👏💖

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  • Me and some of my viewers want to know what these products arenpls leabe a link

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  • 9:09 yo theres more flour on the table than in the bowl wtf

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    • kuvi.

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  • What is the gadget name at time 2:23?Where can I find it?

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  • That how u get your phone stolen 8:04

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  • Selling illegal emojis 👁️⃤ 🤡̵̛͔ 💀̩̲̜ ❤̷̸̧ 😧̵̛͔ 📟⚖️[evil]🎏📯

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  • When it came to the bed part I thought it was sum else😅

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    • What did u think it was?

      Savannah FloresSavannah FloresPřed 9 dny
    • @Hanah Masters sorryb x its okay i did understand idk y i said u judged me its cuz i thought u were a mean person but turns out you werent

      Maryam ArifMaryam ArifPřed 9 dny
    • @Maryam Arif oh. sorry for being a little judgemental. just thought that since u didnt know.😗

      Hanah MastersHanah MastersPřed 9 dny
    • @Hanah Masters no im not young ty im old enough dont judge me lol

      Maryam ArifMaryam ArifPřed 9 dny
    • @Maryam Arif your too young to know

      Hanah MastersHanah MastersPřed 9 dny
  • the kayboard si best you can raidit everthink when your idea is good and you have a small phone to raidit so good!!

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    • @Иннабат Курмашева hey a get there a coment and you are bead so i report you.if you dont say sorry.

      Daniela ŠeďováDaniela ŠeďováPřed 10 dny
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      Иннабат КурмашеваИннабат КурмашеваPřed 11 dny
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  • 1:24 we all know what this actually for💀

    BlackpinkinyourareaBlackpinkinyourareaPřed 13 dny
    • @Bethany Justice why did you have to say is weirdly Lmao 💀

      kkkkPřed 8 dny
    • @kk uhm when mommy and daddy said for you to go to sleep early and you wanted to know what they did...😭🙈😏🥴

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    • @kk get it now?

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  • these all r Korean gadjets

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    • Julie Maggiore ))

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    • Yes there advertising

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  • These people are really coping the things from new gadgets channel by Chinese people, they introduced these things before only, 5 mins craft has no value now,... No one likes them because they show the same things in all the videos...

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