14. 02. 2021
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I thought it would be fun to put a bunch of countries in each room of my house! we had a mariachi band, taco stand, sushi chef, hula dancer, and a crazy Italian! Also, since its valentines day I had to set up a little date for my two best friends...and third wheel the entire time! Hope you guys enjoy this video!

  • Me my mom is in a coma

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  • Lol the end

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  • Wait did i miss a season did lexi and whats his name break up

    Kierstyn ChamnessKierstyn ChamnessPřed 3 hodinami
  • Love u lexi. Lamma time

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  • The end KILLED ME i laughed for 30 min STRAIGHT

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  • Hi I love you so much

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  • I have no velintine cause Im a kid

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  • I really won't that phone it is my dream phone

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  • Am I the only one kinda wondering what happened to Lexi and Christian?...

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  • Can I please get a iPhone 12 my name is Mia and I never got a shot out,can you at least do it for a 9year old kid thank you.

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  • love lexi h

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  • If I win the phone I am not going to keep it I will give it to my dad because his doesn’t work or I will give it to charity

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  • I’m of Mexico hola

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  • I had an valentine

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  • Done

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  • Omg there is a winner I never win these

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  • Not gonna lie Lexi and Brent we be a gud couple

  • I had valentine with my boyfriend but I'm only 10 and he's 11 :0

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  • Happy lala lamatines day

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  • Lexi you are my favourite CSworldr

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  • Can I have the phone to give to my girl best friend

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  • last part lol

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  • i love this

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  • my cousin no valntine only she likes everyone

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  • i like peirson and brent when they danced

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  • i was lonly on valentines day sad just sad

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  • I bought 5 hoodies

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  • How

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  • I’m in

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  • no fair

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  • we need a pierson and lexi date😂🤣

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  • I like your videos all the time and then I follow you but I only wanna follow you more but I can’t I want to call you one

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  • I am a fan but sometimes I think brent is always bord and brent and person's love echothed

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  • can i have it pls

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  • Has she picked yet

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  • I'm buying your merch tomorrow

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  • I had no Valentine. just death and chocolate :_D

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  • I couldn't stop laughing because the face lexi made 😂😂 10:20

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  • I love japan🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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  • The ending tho

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  • Video

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  • I saw the bday ideo it’s so cool

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  • Lexi tell Pierson to stay safe and you

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    • 1) why did you type three comments 2) this was posted 1 week ago, she wont check it and see your comment

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  • OKAY when are person and Brent gonna announce that they are a thing! Just when!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Pleas can i get the iphone pleas

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    • Ya

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  • Omg hi I am a big fan and can I have the phone I am going to give it to my mom her phone is old I love your vids

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  • Brent: He’s not that bad, he’s my friend Logan: causally just strangles Brent with pizza dough. 😂😂😂😂

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  • My bff have boyfriends but I don't

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  • Oh my god I love llamas. Can I enter the giveaway for the giveaway because I’ve always wanted one and it has a llama

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  • I have no Valentine. Just food is.

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  • We love u guys u are the best!

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  • I see now they are using pierson and lexis house

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  • For real Sushi is gross. Give me a nice cooked Salmon instead

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  • U the best

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  • EEEEEKKK your like me you love Lammas !!!!!!!!! #lexilamas #lexi

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  • I Love your vedeos❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love Hana

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  • Pierson And Brent Has Matching Clothes did anybody notice?

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  • No valentine for me just chocolate❤🍫

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  • Hey lexi love your videos 😂😂❤❤

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  • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait llama? Llama? LLAMA! YAAAAAAAS!

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  • Lexi you are so nice

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  • Never knew logan was sooo funny.

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  • Did Lexi and Christian break up?

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  • 4:19 so funny lol

  • Done I got a lot of candy

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  • I fell like breant lowkey wanted to be alone with p

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  • is lexi single⌫

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  • This video just makes me laugh 😂😂

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  • i love how frozen was just playing in the backround

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  • Is it only me that realised that Jeremy's dad comes with him everywhere

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  • Did Lexi and Christian break up?

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  • Lgan: Ummm do you like pizza? I have down stairs... The girl: hmmm I might stay up stairs.. Me: owww God dang

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  • oh~ Brent and Perison were tougher on VALENTINES DAY THATS IT THERE DATING

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