TWO TRUTHS AND ONE LIE... with Brent and Lexi Rivera!

11. 08. 2019
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if you see this, comment "feet pics" hahaha

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  • Quote of 2019: You peed in my damn pool! 👊

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  • The light is that Brent approves of bexi

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  • Really... How long Bexi has been dating?

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  • Every time some says expose I just think of "EXPOSE HIM EXPOSE HIM" like if this happens to you

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  • Finally someone like me I hate water

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  • 8:34 we all saw Ben putting his arm around lexi while brent is not looking very smooth Ben like if you are in quarantine watching us👍🤍

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  • I love you Lexi you are very beautiful

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  • I love how Ben was making a move on Lexi when Brent was not looking

  • Me and Lexi have the same birthday!!

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  • So did the paper taste good?

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  • I'm dehydrated too 🤣😫 I NEVERRRRR DRINK WATER

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  • Brent just eating paper hahah

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  • 2 truth and 1 lie Ben and Lexi are dating Eva and Brent are dating Brent approves Bexi Like if know what the lie is

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  • :50 before we expose ourself ago down below They all laugh Kids under 13 won’t get this

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  • Brent’s face when he was funny

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  • brent you have fracherd your tibia but i have broken my tibia in 3 diffrant places

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  • ima say it is it me or brents wrist are sooo bendy lol

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  • I am daamn sure that the whole gang lives at the rivera house

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  • 2 truths and a lie = 3rd and 4 th grade activities

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  • i HATE water

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  • You’re sister is cute

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  • No one: Me when Brent said he can tell when someone’s lying:🎼cause your lips are movin!🎤🎼 Cause I’m obsessed with that song

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  • lexi does not want to be there right now because the boy to her left smells weird

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  • Brent and ben should become an eboy for 24 hours

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  • Ive only watched this like 20 times since I started watching...

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  • Their both faces when Ben put his arm around Lexi

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  • Brent: This dude (Ben) has got to go!!😂😂😂😂😂 Love you guys soooooooooo much ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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  • 5:39 I have a pet hamster :)

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  • Who all like this name Breva Bexi

  • Stop the video exactly at 0:09 😂😂😂 look at Brent

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  • Ben is capping he definitely has Peed in Brents pool

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  • When Brent was walking he looked like a robot

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  • This is kinda like who knows me better

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  • ya dude i cracked up to ben putting his arm around Lexi's shoulder, but her face when he did though. I love it all. "Lexie I love you"

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    • It’s lexi

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    • HAHAHA she liked it

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  • i am happy lexi won

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  • I also hate water Lexi

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  • Brent My Cousin has A Bunny and her name is Coffee so don´t say that Ben has killed a bunny

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