@VIZE x Alan Walker - Space Melody (Edward Artemyev) feat. Leony (Official Music Video)

18. 12. 2020
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Walkers, have you been enjoying the journey with me to 2021 so far? Space Melody was such a fun song to make alongside @VIZE, Leony and Edward Artemyev, and I hope it’s taking you to a better space, just like the music takes me. This futuristic music video goes along with the music so well and I can’t wait to hear what you think about it in the comments below. Be kind to yourself and one another - we have a ride ahead of us in 2021. 🚀🌌🪐
- Alan
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// LYRICS // @VIZE x Alan Walker - Space Melody (Edward Artemyev) feat. Leony // LYRICS //
Maybe I’m a dreamer
Maybe I´m a fool for you
But I think I´m a believer
I Believe in something new

Maybe I´m a liar
But maybe I will tell the truth
I think we gotta hold on

And I hope it´s not too late for us to change
Will I see your face
Somewhere in a better place

Maybe I’m a dreamer
Maybe I´m a fool for you
But I think I´m a believer
I Believe in something new

Maybe I´m a liar
But maybe I will tell the truth
I think we gotta hold on

And I hope it´s not too late for us to change
Will I see your face
Somewhere in a better place
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Produced by MER Content & FargeRadio
Directors: Kristian Berg & Andreas Trøften
Concept by: Kristian Berg
Producer: Mikkel Gulliksen
Line Producer: Fredrik Wold-Hansen
DoP: Kristoffer Grindheim
Focus Puller: Dovydas Miliauskas
Camera Operator: Ola Kassen
Gaffer: Lasse Heggen
Lighting assistant: Tomas Tunder
Scenographer: Alexei Mokel
Art dep. Assistant: Leo Mokel
Stylist: Imane Istaleb
PA: Michael Ludvigsen
PA: Lars Oskarsen
PA: Simen Riesen
Car Design: Wirat Johannessen
Car Stylist: Eduardo Garcia-Drageseth
Car Stylist: Joachim Waagaard
Car Stylist: Dan Ove Rognstad
Car Stylist: Fredrik Størlie
Precision Driver: Otto Tangstad
Precision Driver: Stian Krisebom
BTS: Mohammed Sarmadawy
Ultra Arm
Operator: Pål Odden
Camera operator: Reiel Lien Bruland
Drone Light
Pilot: Daniell Ashby
Operator: Marius Seierstad
2nd Unit Shoot - Norway
Prod. Coordinator: Julie Midtøy
DoP: Morten Forsberg
Focus Puller: Sebastian Storakeren
Stylist/Makeup: Lise Erlandsen
Props Master: Marcus Ek
Props assistant: Lev Mokel
3rd Unit Shoot - Germany
DoP: Sebastian Wunderlich
Stylist: Lena Wolf
Studio Manager: Fabian Welther
Post Production
Lead Editor: Mads Neset
VFX Supervisor: Albin Nilsen
Post Producer: Eirik Heldal
Motion Graphics: Lasse Michelsen
Motion Graphics: Alf-Martin Holmedal / Steamheads
VFX: Grandma
Online: Sascha Schmidt
Colorist: Christian Lessner
VFX/3D: Ola Kassen
VFX/3D: Espen Kopreitan Jensvold
VFX/3D: Ask Sunde
VFX/3D: Erik Teigland
VFX/3D: Mathias Thoven
Alan Walker
Vitali Zestovskih
Johannes Vimalavong
Edward Artemyev
Leonie Burger
Gina Marie Sørhus Bjertnæs (Team Models)
Edward Albion Krasnigi
Oliver Krantz-Mikaelsen
Viljar Sørum Kolkinn
Kristian Mosveen
Jon Harald Aspheim

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  • Возрадуйтесь Русские, наше творчество наконец заметили, и даже не пошутили про водку

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  • 2:05 Местонахождение Space Melody указывает на устье реки Подкаменная Тунгуска в Сибири

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  • Maybe I'm a dreamer Maybe I'm a fool for you But I think I'm a believer I believe in something new Maybe I'm a liar But maybe I will tell the truth I think we gotta hold on And I hope it's not too late for us to change Will I see your face Somewhere in a better place? Maybe I'm a dreamer Maybe I'm a fool for you But I think I'm a believer I believe in something new Maybe I'm a liar But maybe I will tell the truth I think we gotta hold on And I hope it's not too late for us to change Will I see your face Somewhere in a better place?

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    • @Ясуо Хасагиев мой смысл был, что ППК первые создали русский транс от Артемьева. И эту данную композицию я тоже поддержал от Алона. Но ППК это классика и космос, в электронном виде.

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