windows sound effect (acapella)

22. 01. 2021
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windows sound effect (acapella)
Music arranged by Maytree
Video directed by Napkins music

#window #microsoft #humaneffect

  • We give this performance a Windows 10/10.

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    • O M G 😱😱😱😱

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    • Holy shit

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    • ffs

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    • Dude wahta

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    • Hire them and replace the sounds for the upcoming windows, PLEASE. They sound so much better than the synthetic windows sounds.

      Gedeuch NixanGedeuch NixanPřed 6 dny
  • Me ios user because I am rich 🤑

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  • Wow this is superb! Hangul?

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  • I'm scared at how accurate this is

    Sunidhi WaghmareSunidhi WaghmarePřed 3 hodinami
  • Why does this sound better than the original?

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  • Maytree sound theme [Apply] 🖱 [OK]

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  • You really have a lot of free time

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  • using a windows..???

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  • You guys are pretty talented keep Up the good work

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  • ok

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  • Que legal 😁

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  • The good sound windows expe sound original works

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  • Meilleur œuvre artistique de toute l'histoire de la réalité. Best artistic work in the history of reality. أفضل عمل فني في تاريخ الواقع. 현실 역사상 최고의 예술 작품. Miglior travagliu artisticu in a storia di a realtà. 現実の歴史の中で最高の芸術作品。 အဖြစ်မှန်၏သမိုင်းအတွက်အကောင်းဆုံးအနုပညာအလုပ်။ Umsebenzi omuhle wobuciko emlandweni weqiniso. 现实史上最好的艺术作品。 现实史上最好的艺术作品。 යථාර්ථයේ ඉතිහාසයේ හොඳම කලා කෘතිය. I think I am exaggerating a bit.....

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  • Yes

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  • *visible happiness*

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  • I needed this!

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  • windows error was to realistic

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  • Windows XP Spanish Version the worst OS the history, but excellent video.

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  • Quien vino por un poco de todo?

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  • os caras são muito bons

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  • Y porque ponen caras de pelotudo

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  • 0:06

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  • 0:24 my new computer 0:18 costs 50k $

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  • 적용해서 쓰고 싶은데요? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • good very good

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  • The error be like: c*m

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  • Promise i didn’t search this even the Samsung one.

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  • 凸凸凸凸凸凸凸凸凸凸

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  • the sound of perfection, the performance of a whole new dimension ...

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  • 뭐야 내가 뭘 들은거지.....???????

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  • Someone: Press Alt F4 The Computer: 0:24

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  • LOL

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  • XpressTV Quien?

    Jose HernandezJose HernandezPřed dnem
  • 0:01 Windows xp in the future 0:06 Windows vista replaced future

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  • How About: USB Error

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  • u chinczyków windown xp był 200 lat temu

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  • 10/10

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  • 0:01 0:18

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  • Me: my leg hurts My mom: it's because of that dang phone Me: 0:18

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  • incrível kkk

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  • The error sound more realistic

  • is it just me or does anyone think the girl holding windows is a little too close to the camera than she is in their other videos...

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  • Com

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  • Why are all the people here ferifed..

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  • Why the dislikes? WHY?

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  • Potente el cringe

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  • Are there any instruments used her or its totally their voices?

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  • wtf xD

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  • Where is the legendary winxp welcome screen?

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  • 0:19

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  • 0:18

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  • Oewww superb thalaivi

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  • Am I the the only one that thinks the girl in the grey and black shirt is cute?

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  • Kitaj wszystko podrobi.....

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  • Cool

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  • Amazing

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  • Oh my flipping fhiosksjdkska... The actual Windows replied to their video...oml

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  • 0:18

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  • 0:18 Meme

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  • omg what did i just watch! Amazing!

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  • woman on the left looks nice.😍 Nice performance MayTree👌✌

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  • Que lindo... *!LIKE!* ;-D

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  • Tergokil sih ini sampe ❤️

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  • Honestly Windows Vista's sound by these guys is the most relaxing sound ever.

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  • 0:18

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  • Each and every one of these unlocks a different memory

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  • *I Don't Understand Anything Does They Are Making Those Sounds With Their Mouths*

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  • The windows Home Screen was so satisfying

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  • girl at the front is so charming... i just cant stop watching her everyday...

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  • acapella and why does the voice have effects? It is edited. Who are they kidding? I forgot that the crystal generation believes everything they see now. acapella y por qué tiene efectos la voz? Está editado. ¿A quién engañan? Olvidé que la generación de cristal cree todo lo que ven ahora.

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  • plz Windows2000

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  • 0:18

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  • well done !!!!!!!!!!

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  • U people are amazing

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  • When I Take An Exam And I Remember Everything But When It Started My Memories: 0:21

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    • Next question: 0:24

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